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Saptarishis Astrologer's Desk app is one of the BEST Vedic Astrology App in the world.

We have included lots of unique and rare Astrology (Jyotish) techniques in it besides most common calculations. It also has many of Saptarishis Astrology's techniques which are included for the first time in any software.

Key features:

  1. Generate detailed Horoscope / Chart / Kundli in North-Indian and South-Indian formats 
  1. Bhrigu Astrology:
    1. Bhrigu Saral Padatthi (BSP) and Bhrigu Chakra Padatthi (BCP) module (included for the first time in any App) makes it easy to apply them on charts to give accurate predictions. App contains the maximum number of BSPs available to us. Use BCP to give prediction by dates. (1st time)
    2. Bhrigu Progressions - Wonderful nadi progressions enables you to time the event based on nadi astrology principles.
    3. Directional chart

  2. Jaimini Astrology:
    1. Arudhas - with & without exceptions
    2. Char karak - 7 & 8 both
    3. Special Jaimini charts - Karakamsha
    4. Brahma, Rudra & Mahesh
    5. Atma Karak Report
    6. Hora lagna, Ghatika lagna, Bhav lagna
    7. Jaimini strength of Planets & Signs
    8. Various Jaimini dashas
    9. Dasha Chakra for Padnavamsha & Char dasha 
  1. Support multiple Ayanamsas & outer planets: generate chart as per your favorite ayanamsa 
  1. Apply rare and well-researched dasha systems on divisional charts to give predictions on specific areas of life using following dashas (not all dashas can be applied on all divisional charts)
    1. Padnavamsha dasha and Dasha chakra (1st time)
    2. Kaal Chakra dasha - corrected calculation (1st time)
    3. Vimshottari dasha - from all planets in all divisional charts
    4. Yogini dasha (1st time)
    5. Char dasha
    6. Chakra dasha (Shri Manoj Pathak)
    7. Sthir dasha
    8. Narayana Shool dasha
    9. Drig dasha
    10. Ashottari Dasha - 2 methods 
  1. Divisional charts & Special charts - More divisional charts than other apps

  2. Transit Module -
    1. Transit planets superimposed on Natal chart. Options to select a date, time and place of transit to get a more precise view of transit (aka Gochara).
    2. Transit Astakvarga score to judge favorable / unfavorable time
    3. Kakshayas 
  1. Basic Information module -
    1. Paanchang (Tithi, Weekday, Nakshatra, Yoga, Karana)
    2. Bhrigu Bindu (Destiny point)
    3. Panch Pakshi
    4. Avakhada chakra
    5. Ghat chakra
    6. Navtara from all planets - for judging results of Antardasha, yoga
    7. Hindu Sunrise / Sunset time

  2. Celebrity Horoscopes - Do research ON THE GO with collection of thousands of celebrity horoscopes/charts 
  1. Get insights from various reports -
    1. Learn how to predict with the help of Vimshottari dasha
    2. Learn from Rishis about Planets in houses
    3. Learn from Rishis about House lord in houses
    4. Learn about Planets & houses
    5. Nakshatra report 
  1. Supports multiple languages - English, Hindi & Russian 
  1. Tajik Solar return chart 
  1. Lal Kitab Charts & KP Chart 
  1. Lo Shu Grid & numerology details

  2. Customize App using Preferences

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